1. Congratulations – great site and wonderful concept. Barb

2. Check out our website www.crittercamp.biz & let me know how we can help with your great website & show 🙂 take care! Beth

3. Congratulations on a wonderful “Connection”!!! The world really needed this! Looking forward to being apart of Animal Connection! The movie was awesome! Dawna

4. I would love to become a member of animal connection. We have two dogs & way too many Koi to count in our pond. Thanks, Lisa

5. This is a great site and has a lot of useful information.  I put it in my favorites and sent it out to my other animal friends.  Let me know when and where I can see the show.  Thanks, Mark

6. I have been on your site a number of times and have thoroughly enjoyed it! I have sent out a few emails to some of my wildlife “partners” and also will send a bulk one out tonight to my other contacts! I know they will love it as well! I have some whale partners, spirit bear partners (BC) and associated rehab centres – all of which I will forward your link to! I will also ask them to comment on your blogs and add their own stories! I know they will be happy for the opportunity! Canada is very beautiful! I hope someday soon you can move here. Dawna

7. How exciting! It’s exciting to see the changes from day to day. You’ve worked so hard to bring your idea to reality! Can’t wait to see what the future brings for you.Lori

8. Very nice website.  While it covers a broad area, it does it well.  It’s fun to click around on all of the links. There is a lot of educational materials, also.   Great job.  Karen

9. I checked out your video. It is awesome!!! Fantastic job!   Please tell me more about the show. When and where will it air? What is next??? Also, how are you???  Catherine

10. Very nice website layout / design / content. Great job! I spent about 10 mins exploring.  Jerry

11.  Cool video!! Karen

12. Oh man very impressive i am also very much interested in wild life but we have very poor facilities in this regard i am very professional and work related to teaching.  plz provide me more information and discussions if u have.  We also have Bangali Tigers here but nowadays they are becoming extinct species.  Faraz  Shahid  Pakistan

13. Thanks a lot for adding me to your network… I agree with you, it’s important that people who have those animals are aware not only of their biological needs but also health, welfare, etc… for example, all the Psittacidae (parrots and macaws) are monogamous and usually they pick one member of the human family as their couple, so when that people is not present, the bird suffers a lot of depression that can result in self mutilation, aggression to other people, etc.
Anyway… I just wanted to share my comment because in my country (Mexico) all the species of parrots are now endangered because of the illegal market for pets, most of them destined to the US, so it would be better that people try to find a more environmentally friendly companion animal like a dog or a cat 🙂
Have a great day and congratulations for your show!!  Joaquin, Mexico City

14. I visited the Big Cat Habitat in Florida. It is an amazing place to visit. You just want to crawl in the cages and give all those kitties love. I wish I lived in FL so I could voluteer there. I am in CA and I have not found a place so wonderful to visit out here. so I voluteer at our local aspcaLA and help out where I can. This is a great site. Thank you for taking the time for our animals all over the world. Smiles, Camille

15. Birds, like dogs and cats, can be found at rescue organizations.  One such site that has been recommended to me for birds is http://www.avianwelfare.org/links/organizations.htm Michele

16.I don’t care about Courtney Cox, but I do care about Cougars. Good luck .. Michael,  Poland

17. It’s so nice to have discussions with people who’s first priority is the well-being of the animals. Together, we can make this an easier world for them. That site you sent, Avian welfare, is an excellent group. Jennifer

18. I am a new animal rescue that needs press – can you help? Julie

19. Wow! What wonderful work you are doing. I believe animals and humans are definitely connected and at times animals will show up in our lives to bring our attention to a particular issue we may be having and send us a message i.e. animal totems.

If humans could become more aware of the connections we have I think it would make a difference in all our lives.
The reference to Courtney Cox and Cougar town is why I first checked out this site and while I didn’t find the show particularly good I could relate to Courtney’s character.

When my ex & I were driving over to see an attorney friend about getting a divorced I saw a Vulture closer up than I have even seen even at the zoo. It seamed to be staring at me as we passed it on the side of the road (maybe 2 feet away).  When I looked up the totem meaning for the vulture it said this creature shows up in our lives to remind us to create something positive out of a messy situation. What could be more accurate about divorcing when there are children involved?  What I can relate to about Courtney’s character is the amicable relationship she has with her ex. It makes things much easier. Now what it has to do with the cougar I don’t know because after reading about the cougar on your site the only connection I can see between the animal and an older woman dating younger man is the attitude of some people to condemn or destroy for because it doesn’t fit their belief of how things should be.  Why can’t we help each other survive in this world, whether we are human or animal and live together in harmony?  Tricia

20. Congratulations! It’s a wonderful site. Animals need all the help they can get and it’s great that you’re working so hard for their cause. I’m going away for a few days but I just wanted to let you know that I’ve forwarded your link to some of my animal-loving friends. I’ll also go through your site more carefully when I return home to see if I have any articles or photographs that might be a good fit.  Jacque

21. Hello, I am a certified canine massage therapist, as this is a new career for me I like to learn as much as possible about animals and their behaviors, as well as hollistic care. Valerie

22. Do you eat chicken ? Have you ever visited a poultry farm in USA or Brazil ?  Do you eat pig ? Have you ever visited a swine industrial farm in Mexico ?

I’m French and grew-up where the Fois Gras comes from. For sure, many people here prepare and eat Foie Gras. Though they are very nice people. Never made war or things like that. Like animals also.

The way we (humans) produce animal proteins today, may it be for luxuary products such as Foie Gras or for billions of hamburgers does not take into account animals well being, except if it results in making them smaller or less fatty or less weighty.

It is an endless fight and at the end may finsish by asking people not to eat animal proteins.    Have you read Darwin ? Life on earth may all come from one unique cell called the Last Unique Common Ancestor ?  Francosi

23. This topic is dear to my heart as I watch our 8 year old Cockapoo pause sadly each time he sees another Bichon. His demeanor changes abruptly and it takes some time for him to recover and continue his walk, often glancing backward.I am sure that he is reminded of his best friend who passed over two years ago.  Rita

24. Anyone who has ever had more than one pet in their homes knows that if one passes the other animal will look for them for days, even weeks or months. They sometimes will not eat for awhile and go into a state of depression as well. Of course there are some companion animals that never miss a beat when the other passes, just like some humans. Dianna

25. I previously worked at the local Animal Services and saw animals grieving for their lost owners. Some so badly that they became unadoptable. Who wants to adopt the sad little dog that lays in the back of the cage and won’t interact with those looking for their next companion animal. Sad but true…….. Dianna

26.Having practiced homeopathy over 28 yrs, I have seen great results with animals as well as people. One of our major remedies for grief works just great with cats and dogs- especially when owners leave them for a vacation. 2 weeks ago it was used by a friend with a cockatoo and it worked on her too! Jana

27.I am visual effects producer with an extreme love and heightened concern & awareness for animal rights. Please let me know if I can help in anyway. Sarah

28. I’m doing my first steps in animal protestion and also gathering info on how homeless animals can help people and how to improve situation with homeless animals in my country.  Please add me to your network.  Maryana

29. I have read a couple of your discussions that you have introduced and I find them to be a very good way to bring peoples thoughts towards their pets out into the open and to help others who feel they must “hide” those thoughts or keep their pets just as pet status because “after all they are just animals” can now see that pets do have an important part in our lives.I am in the after life business by creating memorials and urns and frames for those who have had that special connection, like me, with their pets. They are so much more than animals and to all of us who know that they all have their own indivual personalities and souls. They fill our lives in so many ways and I hear about it from so many people who have recently lost their loved ones. They describe them in such details that one would find it hard to believe that it wasn’t a child that they lost. I wanted to connect with you because you seem to understand what I have always known with pets and that so many others also have known or are finding out. I would just like to get to know you better because of the pet connection. Gina

30. I would love to be a member of such an honorable organization. Ramona

31. I’m so happy to join your network 🙂 Looking forward to an interesting exchange of thoughts and ideas. Patricia

32.Thank you for the work that you do! Bunny

33. I want to thank you for all you do to help also there is so much heart ache and pain out there these days that it is nice to meet someone with a big heart.  You and yours have a wonderful Thanksgiving and if I need anything I will let you know.  Thanks from all of the ferrets you have helped you have made a big difference in their lives.

34.What you do is amazing! Thank you. Katya

35. Thanks for starting the Go Vegan discussion – sometimes its refreshing to discuss mutual values, and to see where people stand! David

36. This is a great site! I have supported pet humane education and adoption professionally thru my real esate work and individually. I totally resonant with what you are doing. When I get back on more solid ground financially and health wise I will certainly consider how I can contribute to what you are doing in the future. In the meantime I will send your link around to my sphere. Terry

37. Cool show Donna! Please keep us posted on its progress and development. Ben

38. I posted the video to my facebook.  I love the shot with the close up of the gray horse peering through the fence and in the background is the gray tree. Very beautiful. Hopefully we all can get more involved. J.L.Patrick

39.This is a wonderful idea. Please keep us informed about your progress. I will be looking for this show! Best of Luck! Debbie

40. Looks like a winner and much needed show for animals. I’d be interested in editing the show for you if possible. Good luck.  Chaz

41. I saw your excellent show and loved it. I am developing some animal projects with Jeff Margenian. I will forward this to him.  He has a radio show about animals and I am sure he would love to have you as a guest. M.J.

42. Love love love this. Thank you for developing such an important project.
I own a production music library, and would be honored to provide you with all of the music you need for free.
Contact me with whatever you need. Lisa

43. I have passedthis on to my sister who is a HUGE animal activist. She lives in Los Angeles but networks all over the country to save dogs…contributing her time and money. She does this daily. She is a saint for dogs. Just today she saved a dog somewhere in the Northeast who was considered dangerous – now the dog is on it’s way to Florida to a sanctuary. Thank goodness there are people on the planet such as you and my sister. And I hope your show adds more to the effort. Deborah

44. Love this! I just rescued a kitty. Diane

45. I will also pass the info on to my friends with sanctuaries and rescue organizations. blessings, Maureen

46. I love this…it looks like somthing I would do. John

47.Enjoyed your preview of Animal Connection and look forward to hearing more about it! Allan

48. What a wonderful organization this is. I would be honored to be apart of it, in any way I can. Jillian

49. great video !! Matt

50. Terrific video and I will promote it on my blog – Getting the word out is so important. The show sounds wonderful. Jobi

51. “Great show, Paige! I remember the elephants from a photo you sent some time ago?”  Roger

52. This is a terrific video! You did a fantastic job!

53. Animals, God’s gift to us, I honestly believe, to make us cognizant of the good that can be found on this earth, if we will just take the time to see it and recognize it. Tony

54. Looks like a great concept for a show. I’d watch it! Lauren

55. I love animals, especially elephants. i have 2 dogs and a cat that are my babies. i want to learn more and do more. friends of mine think i am too involved with my pets, they don’t realize just how much these animals have helped my life. i suffer depression and they always seem to put a smile on my face. Cyndie

56. I work with animals, so am always keen to read about them, and how others help them. Please also feel welcome to follow my blog: www.whiskerspetcare.blogspot.comJean

57. Happy to link up with other like minded folks. I recruit for New Zealands NFP sector and run a job board under the banner of ethical jobs. We have our own unique sets of challenges down under and some more traditional. Good luck with you ventures and causes!  Brad

58. What a great contribution to our world. This is so important and I’m glad to see someone taking up this cause!   Onward & Upward!  Richard

59. I’m absolutely nuts about animals and ideally one day would like to dedicate much more time to helping animals in need; I have so much respect for what you do, thank god for people like you who make a difference ! Angela

60. I have always had a passion for animals & want to save them all! I am trying to figure out a way that I can have a career in animal welfare but am unsure where I can fit in.  Linda

61. Grew up on a dairy farm in western Pa.  I have a strong affection toward our animal friends. Now a city boy, I am glad to enjoy 4 furry kids (dogs).  David

62. I hope you are fabulously successful! Patrick

63. Sounds great!! Al

64. This seems like a wonderful site. Thank you for your generous heart. Jessie

65. Hi, I actually found this site through match.com, how’s that for an odd connection? I have adopted a pair of cats from the Gulf Shore Animal League, who rescue stray and ferrel cats and practice trap and spay/neuter and release of cats. I have listened to Deb millman on Cranes Critters every Thursday, and who doesn’t remember Judy Landers from her kids TV show and movies. Mike

66. I’m so proud of your great work. I have a friend who is a real great animal lover and even my son that they went to the extreme of becoming a vegetarian. Your videos are just great. Well done! Brenda

67. Keep up the good work and I wish you only the best in your efforts. It takes a very special person to do this. I wish much success. Bobby

68. My ‘kids’ include an African Grey Parrot named ‘Boo’ and three rescue cats. I have been involved with wildlife rescue organizations in the Tampa, FL area and love what you are doing! Kerri

69. I am a videographer, photographer, editor, producer. If I can help you let me know. I live in Florida, and worked with many newspapers and tv stations for a long time. Larry Vaughn

70. Good job on keeping your vision moving forward. Lee

71. Way to go guys!! Looks great. Can’t wait for more. Christine

72. What a great project. I’m all for helping animals as they cannot help themselves. Best of luck to your mission!  Ann

73. good job…the animals in the planet need more people like you…If i can help from distance (portugal) i do it. thanks!

74. Thank you for everything you do for animals! We need people like you to build a better humanity.

75. Thanks for all your efforts on behalf of all the animals. Deborah

76. I enjoyed the video for your show.  A good way to stop animal abuse is through education and introduction to the animals. If more people bond with animals, hopefully they will be more kind to them and spread the word. Carol

77. Puppy Mills, vivisection, fur, circuses, factory farming; these are the things that I fight against. I hate any kind of exploitation of animals. Bernie

78. I would love to become a member. I have worked with Paige with rescues for ferrets and she has helped us out tremendously. I would be honored if you would allow us to become a member of your wonderful organization. Laura


79. GREAT video!! I love the concept of the show. the photography was gorgeous! You were so relaxed and fun — it made a joy to watch the video. There are so many animals in the world that need our help, that are fun to watch and loving. Looking forward to seeing even more!! Keep it coming! ….Shea


80. I’m excited to spread the word about your show. I want to dedicate the rest of my professional career and my life to animals. I’m doing a little now and hope to find a place that will provide a little income so my own animals (and me) can eat and have a small roof over our heads. For now, between looking for a job, I do what I can. I volunteer with the local spay neuter group (SNIP) advocate for animals at our capitol (Boise), and I’ve cared for a feral colony that I had spayed and neutered nine years ago. There were once about a dozen kitties but over the years they’ve dwindled to four of the most beautiful cats you have ever seen. I have been reluctant to leave the area because of the cats (honestly), but now have found others who will pick up where I have left off. We’re the only hope the animals have, until they can figure out how to vote, or talk. Marcia


81. I’m part of an animal assisted therapy program at UCLA med center in LA, so we definitely speak the same language 😉 Howard

82. Your site looks to do great stuff. I was impressed with some of your advisors. I’m a longtime fan of Larry Robinson. I grew up in British Columbia and was a rather “lonely” Montreal Canadiens fan. I played Jr. Hockey and looked to him as a model with both skill and heart… a real sportsman. Ian


83. How can we duplicate nationawide the West Hollywood landmark legislation banning the sale of cats and dogs in pet stores (unless from rescues and shelters)?? what wonderful news!! Lory


84. I want to do whatever I can to help animals everywhere. Cory


85. I love this site and have posted it on my blog at http://watercoloryourworld.com You have done a wonderful job! Jobi


86. Trying to build greater understanding and acceptance of pet health insurance. Too many pet owners are not prepared to care for their pets when emergencies arise. It results in economic euthanasia. Putting pets to sleep due to lack of funds to pay for needed care. To my friends, thank you for all the support and extra postings of my information and press releases. I also ask that you join the North American Pet Health Insurance Association Group on LinkedIn. By joining this group you will be providing very important support to my efforts and the efforts of the association. Thank you, Loran


87. I am verey aginst animal abuse. i elive if they say animals are like humans then why are people treating them the way they are?!? i bet they wouldnt like it if we hung them from a tree! or put chains around there necks all daly long that hurt them and not feed them no they wouldnt like that would they! i hate animal abuse abuse ur self!! Chelsey


88. I would like to congratulate you for the initiative.   I believe that people like you deserve recognition by the authorities, the breeders and by the society.   The work that you do is a great victory for humanity, because it shows that there are still people who cares about this relationship, that is so important, of man and nature!    I wish you much luck and success on this so difficult road that is the preservation and welfare of animals and I appreciate if you talk some more about your show and how my company (Pet Society.net) can contribute to this fight!  Regards.  Thomaz Nicoletti


89. What a wonderful concept; it’s about time someone paid attention to the unique bond that we share with animals, all animals, in a positive way. Fantastic website too. Dominic


90. I’m a paq’o and mesa carrier in the Q’ero Peruvian Andean Medicine Tradition, animal communicator, Reiki Master Teacher, artist and author of “Tails of a Healer: Animals, Reiki and Shamanism.”

Wild Reiki and Shamanic Healing was created when I took my first class in Reiki in 1996, creating one of the first professional energy healing practices for people and animals in the U.S. The principal philosophies of Wild Reiki and Shamanic Healing are equality between species, and animals as teachers and healers. I view my role as one of building bridges between people and animals, and blog about my experiences.

I think the following quote summarizes why I am passionate about sharing my experiences through my writing and photography.

“If you talk to the animals they will talk with you and you will know each other. If you do not talk to them you will not know them and what you do not know, you will fear. What one fears, one destroys.”—Chief Dan George

91. I own AutumnGold Consulting and provide writing services to pet-related organizations and companies. I am also an adjunct professor at the College of Veterinary Medicine at the University of IL, where I teach canine and feline behavior and training to veterinary students. Most recently, AutumnGold has created The Dog Talk Project, a web-based system of pet owner surveys that studies the relationships between people and their dogs! Linda


92. I just became a fan of your Animal Connection page, too. I was reading the “Animals Remembered” page at your website – the story of Flash, the Fennec Fox, was very touching! Christine


93. Im a veterinary student at glasgow veterinary and would love to keep up with the topics Annette


94. Animal welfare is my most important personal concern. I’ve volunteered at a shelter for four years and also ran a pet sitting company.  Your site has extensive information on a wide variety of animal issues and I would like to join. Thank you. Debby


95. I am a pet sitter in Memphis TN and stumbled on your site. Really like it!  Eileen


96. This is a great site. I don’t know how I have missed it so long. Have been reading and exploring and I have not even begun to get through all the information.   Thanks for all you do for animals.  Ann


97. We need to get more info out about puppy mills, and how to get laws passed against the sale of puppy mill dogs through pet stores and online. Thank you for your efforts on behalf of all animals. I am glad I learned about your site. Nina


98. I am very glad to have found this site.  I guess there is a lot I would learn from the wisdom behind ”animal connection” as well as the members who love and care for the animals.  Hope you give me the honor of being a member of your beautiful site. Tufan


99. Beautiful site, I’m proud to be a member! I’ve loved animals since a child and now I do what I love and my passion. Connie


100 . Hats Off the work you people are doing. Ali


101.  I would love to learn more about Animal Connection and I what I can do to help!  Nicole



101.   I love animals no matter what animal they are i find animals better @ truer to you than any human   Jackie


102. A wonderful resource Johanna


103. Hello, glad to join. I feed & rescue stray cats & dogs all over New Orleans. I am a huge animal advocate & am glad to be here.  Jennifer


104. This is a great blog — thanks!! Bonnie


105. I live on a hobby farm in Otis, Massachustts. I am certified dog groomer, animal communicator and llama trainer. I am looking forward to participating here. I was involved for many years with greyhound rescue and I have 5 of my own. Lori

106. I am a teacher and animal lover and want to encourage my students to be responsible caring people who know that many animals are in danger of extinction through man´s actions. Any materials I can find to help with teaching this important message will be great!  Valerie

107.   I am the equine manager at Todd Mission Ranch. We are a 501 c 3 rescue/sanctuary, but we are also actively involved in stopping the shooting of the burros at Big Bend Ranch State Park in Texas. I have 108 equine under my care, most are donkeys, but we have mules and horses too. We have taken several of our rescues from rehab to show, and have won at highly respected shows with them. I also host a blog with my favorite driving donkey Miss Abby. http://donkeyscando.blogspot.com


108.   Sounds like a wonderful show.   Allen

109.   I love your passion and I share it with you!!  Angela

110.    As part of the Animal & Wildlife Protection Network,I received your post earlier and then checked out your website. I’m thrilled to have found this and all of the info that you provide…thank you!   Pam

111. I love your page here — it’s very calm and quite soothing. I also love the stories and information.  Susan