If you have information on your organization, business, blog, etc.  please send it to us so that we can add it to our resource list.  Give us a little information so that people will know what you are all about. Send your info here .

1. Contact name: DebbieResource/Organization Title: Dizyn.net

Website URL: http://www.dizyn.net

Description: Web & Graphic Design

2. Contact name: Deborah Millman
Resource/Organization Title: Humane Society of Sarasota County

Website URL: www.hssc.org

Description: The Humane Society of Sarasota County is the community’s largest no kill animal shelter. Established in 1952, HSSC relies on community funding to promote responsible pet ownership, secure permanent homes for all adoptable animals, provide abandoned pets with compassionate care and shelter and offer humane education, affordable spay/neuter referral services, obedience classes/behavior counseling, pet therapy and programs for children, seniors and those with special needs.

3. Contact name: Laura & Steve Gardner Resource/Organization Title: Luna’s Ferret Shelter & Rescue

Email: laura.gardner94@yahoo.com

Description: We are a ferret shelter that rehabs ferrets, gets them medical attention and hopefully finds them new and loving forever homes.

4. Contact name: Beth Randall
Resource/Organization Title: Critter Camp Exotic Pet Sanctuary

Email: info@crittercamp.biz

Website URL: http://www.crittercamp.biz

Description: Critter Camp is a (true!) 100% no-kill, volunteer operated, USDA & ILDA licensed sanctuary caring for over 240 abandoned pets comprised of 30 different species. Critter Camp is the only pet sanctuary of its kind accepting the wide variety of unwanted pets we do. These animals previoulsy had nowhere else to go and usually were put down or let go into the wild where they faced certain death as they are domesticated, not wild or even usually native species. We also provide educational hands on tours of our facility for people to learn about the animals and their unique care and what to know before they get any type of pet. The tours help to support the animals’ care and provide public awareness of pet care issues.  These animals are not adopted out as they have been mistreated and are not rehabilitative, or are ill or elderly. We provide those animals a healthy, happy, loving, safe forever home.
Please see our site for much information, videos, pictures, and much more!

5. Contact name: Dawna Robertson
Resource/Organization Title: Wildlife Conservation Soapstone Sculptor & Graphic Artist Connecting Wildlife to Heartfelt Humanity

Email: dawna@dawnarobertson.net

Website URL: http://www.dawnarobertson.net & www.zazzle.ca/dawnawildlife*

Description: Wildlife Conservation Soapstone and Line Drawings showing the connection between wildlife and heartfelt humanity. I often use real life stories from Wildlife Rehabilitation Centres for my soapstone carvings! This gives the public a glimpse inside the personality of each animal I portray in stone. I also have a new branch to my business which are line drawings specifically designed to raise the awareness for wildlife and animal protection. These line drawings which stories are on my main website are now available on t-shirts, sweatshirts, mugs etc!! Affordable gifts for everyone in the family! Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

6. Contact name: Kay Rosaire
Resource/Organization Title: Big Cat Habitat & Gulf Coast Sanctuary

Website URL: www.bigcathabitat.org

Description: A non-profit safe haven for bigcats,bears,chimpanzees, and other animals in need.

7. Contact name: Raquel Griffiths
Resource/Organization Title: Not Without My Pet

Website URL: www.nwomp.org

Description: Not Without My Pet is committed to promoting the safety and well-being of both human and animal victims of domestic violence. Our organization seeks to reduce the number of domestic violence victims that delay leaving abusive situations due to fear for their pets through raising public awareness, distributing information, assisting foster care givers and partnering with domestic abuse shelters to establish pet care facilities.

Not Without My Pet envisons a nation where both people and their animal companions are safe from violence in the home.

8. Contact name: Jan Doherty
Resource/Organization Title: MaJical Miniatures & The Rescue Net

Email: jdoherty3@tampabay.rr.com

Website URL: www.MaJicalMiniatures.org

Description: MaJical Miniatures is a non-profit animal sanctuary. We serve as a rescue and rehab facility for wildlife, exotics and some farm animals.

9. Contact name: Mark Burrow
Resource/Organization Title: Wildlife Services of Florida

Email: wildman@wildlifeservicesfl.com

Website URL: wildlifeservicesfl.com

Description: We run nature education classes here in Fl. We stand by our company motto Leave only a footprint.

10. Contact name: Vicki Coan & Brenda Bombard
Resource/Organization Title: Nosara Wild Life

Email: vicki@nosarawildlife.com

Website URL: www.NosaraWildlife.com

Description: to rescue injured, orphaned, and displaced wild animals and provide them immediate medical care, rehabilitation, and eventual release into the wild

11. Contact name: Vicki Coan
Resource/Organization Title: SIBU Sanctuary

Email: jungalow@gmail.com

Website URL: http://www.sibujungalows.com/sibu_sanctuary.html

Description: to provide a step down release program, reintegrating animals back into the wild & providing life care for those unable to be released back into the wild

12. Contact name: Jean Faulk
Resource/Organization Title: Animal Blog

Email: jeanfaulk22@gmail.com

Website URL: www.crittercomments.blogspot.com

Description: This blog is about animal rescue, and general animal education. The purpose of the blog is to bring attentions to animals who are in the rescue world and are having a problem finding a forever home. I also feature upcoming events for homeless pets such as fundraising or adoptathons. I invite comment and interject my own.

13. Contact name: Janice Brown
Resource/Organization Title: Tails Pet Media Group

Website URL: www.TailsInc.com

Description: TAILS is a group of local pet magazines, and collectively publishes the largest all-pet magazine in the country. It also hosts locally focused websites, and communicates bi-weekly through its e-newsletter. Major focus on rescue and adoption; lists ALL resources at NO CHARGE for non-profits.

14. Contact name: Dona Michaels
Resource/Organization Title: Broward Ferret Rescue & Referral

Email: fuzzyrescues@aol.com

Website URL: www.browardferretrescue.org

Description: Our mission is to rescue unwanted ferrets and find them forever homes, as well as to educate the public about ferret care. We are both a rescue and a sanctuary.

15. Contact name: Karen Nowak
Resource/Organization Title: The Evolution of Animal Health Care

Email: freedomreins@earthlink.net

Website URL: http://theevolutionofanimalhealthcare.com

Description: The Evolution of Animal Health Care® is dedicated to educating pet owners on traditional and complementary health care for their animals. We offer a free monthly tele-series along with articles from featured speakers.
16.Contact name: Julie RoyalResource/Organization Title: Royal Pet Rescue

Email: royalrescue@comcast.net

Website URL: www.royalpetrescue.com
Description: saving dogs & cats from high kill shelters
17. Contact name: Lori MichelResource/Organization Title: Animal Chit-Chat with Lori Michel, Animal Communicator

Email: lori@animalchit-chat.com

Description: Giving Animals a Voice. From the largest of animals to the tiniest, giving humans an insight to what’s going on with the animals placed in their care.
18. Contact name: Jill SteinbergResource/Organization Title: The Cat Network, Inc

Email: info@thecatnetwork.org

Website URL: www.thecatnetwork.org

Description: The Cat Network, Inc. (CN) is a 501(c)3, Florida not-for-profit corporation dedicated to humanely reducing cat overpopulation by educating the public about the need to sterilize their pets and strays; providing access to low-cost spay/neuter services for stray, homeless and abandoned cats; helping members in their efforts to place adoptable cats in loving homes;
and advocating non-lethal population control and humane public policy.

We are an all volunteer organization with over 1700 members and have heped the public spay/neuter over 51000 feral and stray cats and hav adopted over 6500 cats to the public since we were founded in 1995.

19. Contact name: Cindy McCollough

Resource/Organization Title:
TANKS Tending Abandoned Needy Kats Sanctuary


Website URL:
working on it

Taking stressed out or special need cats from local shelter and finding them furever homes
20. Contact name: Pattie Roberts
Resource/Organization Title: Save the Animals Today Non Profit Horse and Farm Animal Rescue

Email: Pattie@dudetteranch.com

Website URL: DudetteRanch.com
Description: Dedicated to providing a respectable retirement and end of life experience for the horses and farm animals in our care.
21. Contact name: Genevieve Frederick
Resource/Organization Title: Pets of the Homeless

Website URL: www.petsofhomeless.org

Description: Pets of the Homeless is a nonprofit volunteer organization that provides pet food and veterinary care to the homeless and less fortunate in local communities across the United States and Canada.
How? Our volunteer collection sites accept donated pet food and deliver it to food banks and/or soups kitchens which have agreed to distribute the food to the homeless and impoverished.
We accept cash donations for veterinary care and to purchase pet food.

22. Contact name: Brian Bakhaus
Resource/Organization Title: Dachshund Rescue South Florida

Email: info@dachshundrescuesouthflorida.com

Website URL: www.dachshundrescuesouthflorida.com

Description: Dachshund Rescue of South Florida is a foster based 501(c)(3) rescue who helps hotdogs regardless of age, health, or behavioral issues find new homes after being in a shelter, as a stray out on the streets, or owner surrendered.

We take our work very seriously and screen our potential forever families thoroughly to ensure that our dogs will never have to worry or want for anything ever again.

Our mission is to educate people who may be unfamiliar with rescue and the time, love, and compassion that goes into identifying a little one in a shelters through getting them settled into their new forever home and why choosing to rescue a dog can be one of the most rewarding things a family can choose to do.

If you are looking to add a dachshund to your family we would love to work with you. We have done our best to help explain the process and share some our favorite “happy tales” from our former dogs with their new forever families. We are happy to answer any questions you may have and we are looking forward to meeting you!

23. Contact name: Brian BakhausEmail: info@daretorescue.com

Resource/Organization Title: DARE (Dachshund, Adoption, Rescue & Education)

Website URL: www.daretorescue.com

Description: Dachshund Adoption Rescue and Education (DARE) is a no-kill, non-profit, 501(c)3 rescue group. As such DARE specializes in the rescue, rehabilitation and re-homing of dachshunds and dachshund-mixes regardless of age or health-related issues. As all of the DARE members are volunteers, 100% of every single penny donated to DARE is spent to further DARE’s mission of the rescue, rehabilitation and re-homing of dachshunds. As a non-profit, 501(c)3 rescue, all donations to DARE are tax-deductible and DARE will provide you with a receipt for all donations to ensure you are able to take advantage of appropriate and applicable tax deductions related to your DARE donations. Though not a common occurrence, there may be instances where sufficient monies are raised for the specified dog. Should this occur, additional monies will be added to the DARE vetting fund used to pay for the ongoing vetting expenses incurred by DARE dogs currently in care and new incoming dogs.

DARE is primarily a Florida based rescue. However, we work with many other groups nationally. Feel free to message us for help find a rescue you can assist or adopt from.

We welcome working with additional rescue organizations that are all working towards the same goal: Putting the right dog & the right human together..!!

24. Contact name: Caroline Liljencrantz
Resource/Organization Title: Satchel’s Last Resort
Email: comments@satchelslastresort.com

Website URL: http://satchelslastresort.com/

Description: At Satchel’s Last Resort, we provide lifelong shelter to dogs deemed unadoptable, nurture and train borderline dogs, and offer temporary shelter to adoptable dogs whose owners can no longer care for them. We believe all dogs are created equal and deserve to live the life of a beloved pet.

Each dog that comes to Satchel’s has its own unique and personal history. We get to know each dog individually – his favorite toy, his favorite game, his favorite foods. The residents (dogs forever with Satchel’s) and guests (adoptable dogs at Satchel’s for a temporary stay) live in an airy shelter with spacious kennels, go for three romps or walks per day, and even take the occasional car ride to let their fur flap in the wind. Most important to us — we keep our dogs safe from other residents and from humans who may want to harm them.

Behaviorists work with the dogs a few times a week to teach them that they can trust humans and other animals. We actively seek forever homes tailored to the needs of our adoptable dogs so that they can live the rest of their lives among a family of their own.

At Satchel’s Last Resort, we believe that by harnessing the unconditional love that the dogs in our sanctuary put forth everyday, the world becomes a brighter place for animals and people. Each and everyday we try to give a little of their love back – back to the dogs and back to our community.

25.  Contact Name: Ken BelangerResource/ Organization Title: GHL Global Hockey Loop Business Networking Corporation

Email: kbelanger@ghlteam.com

Website: http://www.ghlteam.com/business.html

Description: Hockey players helping players and will strive to meet and/or exceed our members’ expectations in all our product and service offerings.  We have linked our site to Animal Connection in support.

26. Contact name: Pamela MeltzerResource/Organization Title: Puppy Paws Inc

Email: info@puppypaws.com


Website URL: http://www.puppypaws.com

Description: Puppy Paws are paw-shaped necklaces & jewelry in silver and 14k gold that feature the birthstones of your pet. For rescue pets we recommend that you use the month that you brought your pet home as a “re-birth” month because they were reborn when they went home with you! The collection also includes a wide variety of Animal Tracks called the Love Tracks Collection also available in silver & gold.

27. Contact name: Barbara GoodfriendResource/Organization Title: Animal Communicator

Email: barb@barbaragoodfriend.com

Website URL: www.barbaragoodfriend.com

Description: Specializing in lost animals. I am able to connect with your animal to discuss behavioral concerns, health issues, passing or deceased animals, adjustment to rescue, foster and adoption,etc. I give lectures, seminars and workshops on interspecies telepathic communication to help unlock your innate abilities. As you experience a deep communion with animals that impact our lives, you create peace, love and understanding in our world.

28. Contact name: Chris Email: forpetsorg@yahoo.com

Resource/Organization Title: For Pets

Website URL: http://www.petfinder.com/shelters/MN222.html

Description: For Pets mission is to provide low and no cost spays and neuters for pets of owners in financial need. We also offer a pet food assistance program and Compassion Campaign, which helps provide funding for critically ill pets.

29. Contact name: Arend de HaasResource/Organization Title: Cross River Gorilla

Email: info@africanconservation.org

Website URL: http://www.crossrivergorilla.org

Description: The Cross River Gorilla, the most endangered of the African apes with a total population of 250-300 individuals, is living in the Cross River area at the border of Nigeria and Cameroon.

29. Contact name: Daniel TaylorResource/Organization Title: WildArtAfrica

Website URL: http://www.wildartafrica.org

Description: WildArtAfrica is a project of Canadian high realist artist Daniel Taylor and the African Conservation Foundation raising awareness and funds for Africa’s most endangered species. All images are copyrighted to their respective owners.

30. Contact name: Michele C. HollowResource/Organization Title: Pet News and Views

Website URL: http://www.petnewsandviews.com

Description: A site for lovers of pets and wildlife. Stories cover pet care, animal welfare, celebrities who help with animal causes, and opinion pieces about animals.

31. Contact name: Kimberly ColeResource/Organization Title: Altered Tails

Email: kcole@alteredtails.org

Website URL: www.alteredtails.org

Description: We are a low cost/ affordable Spay & Neuter Clinic in Phoenix, Arizona. We offer some surgeries at a very low cost, dentals, amputations, soft tissue (hernias), cherry eye & entropia. 602-943-7729

32. Contact name: Dianne WalshResource/Organization Title: LABMED, Inc.

Email: info@labmed.org

Website URL: www.labmed.org

Description: LABMED is a 100% volunteer non-profit organization dedicated to raising and providing funds for the medical needs of abandoned ill or injured Labrador Retrievers (or Lab mixes) in rescue situations.

33. Contact name: KristyResource/Organization Title: Small Angels Rescue

Email: info@smallangelsrescue.org

Website URL: www.smallangelsrescue.org

Description: Small Angels Rescue is an independent, nonprofit, no-kill, all-volunteer organization dedicated to rescuing and rehoming guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils, rats, mice, chinchillas, and degus. A majority of our animals are rescued from animal shelters. We accept animals regardless of age, health, and temperament and believe that every animal deserves a loving home. We do not work with rabbits, ferrets, birds, reptiles, dogs, or cats.

34. Contact name: Katie JorgensonResource/Organization Title: Southwest Metro Animal Rescue and Adoption Society

Website URL: http://www.swmetroanimalrescue.org/

Description: Southwest Metro Animal Rescue and Adoption Society is a nonprofit organization committed to the rescue and adoption of abandoned, abused and stray domestic animals.

35. Contact name: Walt GalvinResource/Organization Title: Lab Rescue of the LRCP

Website URL: www.lab-rescue.org

Description: Lab Rescue of the Labrador Retriever Club of the Potomac is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization (Non-Profit Tax I.D. 52-1880024) with a two-fold mission: (1) we rescue, foster and place homeless, abused, and/or abandoned Labrador Retrievers (and Golden Retriever-Labrador Retriever mixes) and (2) we provide a referral service for owners seeking to place their Labradors in new homes. We are similar to other animal placement groups such as shelters and humane societies, but we specialize in Labradors. The orphans we receive first are evaluated for temperament and then placed with foster families where they are loved, exercised and further evaluated as they await adoption. All of our dogs are provided with rabies and distemper shots, heartworm check and, if possible, spayed/neutered. We place over 650 Labradors each year. You can reach us at 301-299-6756 or write to us at P.O. Box 1741, Silver Spring, Maryland, 20915.

36. Contact name: Janet HueyResource/Organization Title: Pet Stuff Resale

Email: petstuffresale@aol.com

Website URL: petstuffresale.com

Blog: petstuffresale.blogspot.com

Description: buying and selling new and used pet supplies in Houston, Tx Owner is 23 year veteran of rescue

37. Contact name: RosalynResource/Organization Title: Pets-R-Loved

Email: Pets-R-Loved@comcast.net

Website URL: www.Pets-R-Loved.com

Description: I provide custom embroidery for pet lovers – dogs, cats, and horses. Additional products include memorial pendants, jeweled collars, etc.

38. Contact name: Joanne WuelfingResource/Organization Title: Gold Coast Greyhound Adoptions and Obedience Trained Greys through Prison Partnership Program

Website URL: http://www.goldcoastgreyhounds.com

Email: infoSarasota@goldcoastgreyhounds.com

Description: Goldcoast Greyhound Adoptions are racing neutral and dedicated to the placement of Retired Racing Greyhounds into qualified, caring and loving homes. We participate in the Greyhound Prison and Partnership Program to provide obedience training to eligible Greys: http://www.giveasecondchance.com/
It is our mission to educate the public regarding the gentle nature and wonderful temperament of the Greyhound breed.

39. Contact name: Megan AyraultResource/Organization Title: All About Animal Massage

Website URL: AllAboutAnimalMassage.com

Email: megan@AllAboutAnimalMassage.com

Description: Learn how massage works and how it can help the animals you love. Free videos, e-books, and many more resources, including the Serving Therapy Animals project.

40. Contact name: TroyResource/Organization Title: SilverAnimals

Website URL: WWW.SilverAnimals.com

Description: A Collection of sterling silver animal jewelry from the common animals like Dog and horse to not some common animals like lady bug or manatee and animals inbetween like dolphin and butterfly.

41. Contact name: LeonidResource/Organization Title: Russian Dogs

Email: admin@russiandog.net

Website URL: http://www.russiandog.net/

Description: All about Russian dogs and Russian dog breeds.

42. Contact name: Susan LloydResource/Organization Title: InStride Equine Assisted Therapy

Email: susan@instridetherapy.org

Website URL: www.instridetherapy.org

Description: Partnering with our horses, we encourage individuals with special needs to reach their highest potential. Vision: We envision a time when everyone who could benefit will receive our hippotherapy services.

43. Contact name: jeanie mossa kraftResource/Organization Title: Four Paws Acupuncture

Website URL: http://www.4pawsacupuncture.com

Description: Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture for dogs. Articles, classes and house visits on the North Shore of MA

44. Contact name: Loran HicktonResource/Organization Title: North American Pet Health Insurance Association

Email: lhickton@naphia.org

Website URL: www.naphia.org
Description: Most pet owners will do everything they can to prevent their beloved pets from accidents or illness. But for the things that they can’t prevent – like accidents or illness – there’s pet health insurance.

While each pet health insurance provider has a unique offering in terms of the coverage and benefits they provide, they’re all in business to help people ensure that they can afford the best veterinary or alternative medical care, should a pet fall ill, or become injured.

Pet health insurance ensures that when a beloved pet needs medical care and attention, pet owners are free to make the health care decisions that are right for them and their pet, rather than basing them on what they can (or can’t) afford.

Benefits of Pet Health Insurance

Ensures the best possible veterinary care for protected pets
Helps control and plan for the costs associated with keeping a pet healthy
Removes financial restrictions to the cost of care
Prepares a pet owner for any health-related emergency or unexpected illness
Ideally helps to protect pets before problems and conditions can develop
Provides for responsible pet ownership

45. Contact name: Jeana WheelerResource/Organization Title: Shaklee

Email: cleangreenlife@shaklee.net

Website URL: www.nontoxic4pets.com

Description: A line of non-toxic biodegradable household cleaners that are safe for you and your pets. Common household cleaners can be harmful to your pet.

46.Contact name: Rose De DanResource/Organization Title: Wild Reiki and Shamanic Healing LLC

Email: rose@reikishamanic.com

Website URL: http://www.reikishamanic.com

Description: Building bridges between people and animals since 1996, I am a paq’o and mesa carrier in the Q’ero Peruvian Andean Medicine Tradition, animal communicator, Reiki Master Teacher, artist and author of Tails of a Healer: Animals, Reiki and Shamanism.

47. Contact name: RosalynResource/Organization Title: Pets-R-Loved

Email: Pets-R-Loved@comcast.net

Website URL: http://www.pets-r-loved.com

Description: Offering custom embroidery for pet owners and pet professionals. Choose from hundreds of dog, cat and horse designs or have a photo of your pet re-created in machine embroidery.

48. Contact name: Chris WagnerResource/Organization Title: Waggy’s Eco Pet ProductsEmail: customercare@waggysecopetproducts.com

Website URL: http://www.waggysecopetproducts.com

Description: Providing Eco Friendly, Natural pet products and holistic pet food all made in the USA. We make it easy and affordable to have high quality green pet products. Thanks and we hope you stop by our store soon!

49. Contact name: Linda CaseResource/Organization Title: The Dog Talk Project

Email: admin@dogtalkproject.com

Website URL: www.dogtalkproject.com

Description: The Dog Talk Project is a new web-based system of surveys that studies the relationships between people and their dogs. Dog Talk members complete surveys about their dogs and about their dog-related activities.  Collectively, this information provides answers to general and specific questions regarding owner-dog relationships, dog-related activities and sports, and owners’ understanding of dog health, behavior, nutrition, and care. Dog Talk members include professional trainers and behaviorists,veterinarians, veterinary technicians, shelter and rescue professionals, dog sports enthusiasts, pet sitters, dog walkers, dog nutritionists, breeders,and pet owners. Participation is free and is completely voluntary;
interesting results are posted regularly on our Results Pages!

50. Contact name: Shelley ThayerResource/Organization Title: Cat Depot – Executive Director

Email: events@catdepot.org

Website URL: www.catdepot.org

Description: Cat Depot is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit, no-kill feline rescue, adoption, education and resource center located in Sarasota, Florida.

51. Contact name: Jackie CattoResource/Organization Title: FidosCityGuide

Email: Jackie@FidosCityGuide.com

Website URL: www.FidosCityGuide.com

Description: Everything Canine in the city. The ultimate site for NW Dogs and their owners. Featuring a pet friendly business direstory, non-profit directory, photo contest, forums, and dog friendly event calendar. You’d never belive what dogs can do in the Northwest.

52. Contact name: FloydResource/Organization Title: FLOYD THE DOG

Email: Floyd.V.Dog@gmail.com

Website URL: www.FloydTheDog.com

Description: An Animal Story Club designed to support small and medium sized Animal Charities throughout the world. Membership is free. Authors donate their copyright fees to the Charity of their choice. The story ‘adopts’ the Charity and is permanently linked to its web-site. E-mail me to ask for any further details.

53. Contact name: Michelle EckartResource/Organization Title: Pet Lost Found.com

Email: galakeview.info@yahoo.com

Website URL: www.petlostfound.com

Description: We are a free service in Georgia that assists in finding your lost pet or placing a pet that you have found. We have adoption pets too.

54. Contact name: Elaine Resource/Organization Title: Pets on Wheels of ConnecticutEmail: info@petsonwheelsct.org

Website URL: petsonwheelsct.org

Description: We are a CT based organization whose mission is to take animals from rescue shelter cages to homes of people who need assistance to have their own pet using a referral network of social workers

55. Contact name: Ann ScottResource/Organization Title: Ann’s Furry Friends

Email: ann@annsfurryfriends.com

Website URL: http://www.annsfurryfriends.com

Description: Offering a complete line of natural foods, treats, and supplements. All pet products are veterinarian formulated with a portion of profits going to The Dr Jane HealthyPetNet Foundation. Each time your pet eats they help another pet in need.

56. Contact name: Maurice MelzakResource/Organization Title: PetStreet

Website URL: www.petstreet.co.uk

Description: PetStreet is the UK’s leading independent social network for pet-lovers. There’s news, views advice and videos. Its ethos is all about responsible pet ownership and concern about the unwanted pets languishing in rescue centres all over the country.

57. Contact name: Fran WoodResource/Organization Title: What My Dog Taught Me About God

Email: lemontreebooks@yahoo.com

Website URL: www.booksbylemontree.com

Description: What My Dog Taught Me About God is a collection of charming stories that combine humor with scriptural truth, life lessons and grief resolution—linked with the life and antics of a small dog named Bandit.

58. Contact name: Gerard PrendergastResource/Organization Title: The Green pet Shop

Email: gerardp@thegreenpetshop.com

Website URL: Thegreenpetshop.com

Description: featuring affordable, unique, eco-friendly, biodegradable products

59. Contact name: Diana GoganResource/Organization Title: Vibrant Expressions

Website URL: www.Vibrant-Expressions.com

Description: Learn how Reiki can help your pets as well as animals all over the world. Offering Reiki sessions and classes for people and animals. And a blog about my adventures with volunteering Reiki at local animal rescues.

60. Contact name: HenryResource/Organization Title: webdev, llc

Website URL: http://www.dogrrific.com

Description: Dogrrific is the ultimate dog owner network, providing a sound dog lost/dog found system.

61. Contact name: Mary Lou DavidsonResource/Organization Title: Rover Reporter

Email: MaryLou@sarasotadog.com

Website URL: www.SarasotaDog.com

Description: Your Source for All Things Dog in Sarasota. Local events, benefits, tips for training, nutrition and the Doggie Dining Guide – local Dog Friendly restaurants.

62. Contact name: Phillip BarnesResource/Organization Title: Join the Paws

Email: pbarnes@wedgewoodpharmacy.com

Website URL: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Join-the-Paws/120648417970364

Description: When the catastrophic earthquake hit Haiti back in January of 2010, we worked together to raise awareness and funds to support ARDA, who sent search and rescue dog teams to find people trapped in the rubble. And now that we’re seeing the devastation in the Gulf Coast as a result of the oil leak there, we’re teaming up with veterinarians once again to support the work of the National Wildlife Federation. When disaster strikes, we come together to raise awareness and funds to effect the positive change needed to help animals.

63. Contact name: Carol UptonResource/Organization Title: Dreams Aloud Promotions

Website URL: http://www.dreamsaloud.ca

Description: I provide publicity for animal related authors, healing artists and organizations. My work can be tailored to your budget and I do lots of FB/Twitter promo at no charge. Check out my site and email me from there.

64. Contact name: Mary E HaightResource/Organization Title: Dancing Dog Blog

Email: dancingdogblog@yahoo.com

Website URL: http://www.dancingdogblog.com

Description: Pet news,views put together with insightful opinion and useful facts based on more than a decade in animal welfare, product/book reviews, interviews with industry leaders and upstarts to enjoy.

65. Contact name: Joanne Wood-EllisonResource/Organization Title: The Artful Canine

Website URL: www.theartfulcanine.com

Description: An online dog walking gear boutique offering original designs in dog collars, leashes, martingale collars, harnesses and accessories.

66. Contact name: Jill SteinbergResource/Organization Title: The Cat Network, Inc

Email: info@thecatnetwork.org

Website URL: www.thecatnetwork.org

Description: The Cat Network, Inc. (CN) is a 501(c)3, Florida not-for-profit corporation dedicated to humanely reducing cat overpopulation by educating the public about the need to sterilize their pets and strays; providing access to low-cost spay/neuter services for stray, homeless and abandoned cats; helping members in their efforts to place adoptable cats in loving homes; and advocating non-lethal population control and humane public policy

67. Contact name: NitinResource/Organization Title: Dragonfly Saddlery

Website URL: http://www.dragonflysaddlery.co.uk

Description: At our UK saddlery shop we offer horse saddle making and sell horse riding equipment, riding wear and equestrian clothing like body protectors, jumping bridle, showing bridle, horse bridle, horse bandages, horse riding boots, horse riding shirts, horse rugs and riding hats. Also wide range of horse saddles like jumping saddles and pony saddles and saddle accessories along with saddle fitting at our equestrian shop in Australia, equestrian shop in America, equestrian shop in Europe, UK.

68. Contact name: Ailie SommersResource/Organization Title: Home for Good Dog Rescue

Email: contacthfg@gmail.com

Website URL: http://homeforgooddogs.org

Description: Home for Good is a volunteer-based, 501(c)(3) non-profit animal rescue. Our mission is to rescue, nurture and adopt dogs of all breeds into loving homes for good. We are a network of foster homes committed to the well-being of adoptable pets. Home for Good rescues dogs from local shelters as well as high-kill shelters statewide. We strive to give the dogs another chance at life.

69. Contact name: HankResource/Organization Title: Kindred Spirit

Email: kindredspirit@ksarc.org

Website URL: www.ksarc.org

Description: The mission of Kindred SpiritAnimal Rescue Center, Inc./AKA/ Ripley County Humane Society is to provide shelter and nurturing care for animals that through no fault of their own have been abandoned, neglected, or abused. It is the commitment of K.S.A.R.C./R.C.H.S. to promote a better understanding of responsible pet ownership, to find responsible, permanent, furever homes for all adoptable animals and to provide haven to those less fortunate animals with as much love and compassion as humanly possible. We are a 501c(3) non-profit licensed with the Missouri Department of Agriculture (N00943516)in Ripley County SE Missouri.

70. Contact name: Kerry MalakResource/Organization Title: Georgia’s Legacy – Canine Cancer Resource

Description: Information, support and resource referral for pet owners whose dogs have been diagnosed with cancer.
71. Contact name: Leslie Jaye

Resource/Organization Title: perfectpetfinder.com

Description: Perfectpetfinder.com is dedicated to the art and science of matching people with rescued dogs and cats. Our goal is to make it quick and easy for busy people to adopt specific-breed and pedigreed companions.
72. Resource/Organization Title: Kickstarter
Website URL: www.kickstarter.com

Description: This site is for people who are looking to raise funds for their projects. I am posting here as I thought it might be a good resource if/when a time comes when you need funds to help an animal in need.

73. Contact name: Bobbi Brink Resource/Organization Title: Lions Tigers & Bears

Website URL: lionstigersandbears.org

Email: members@lionstigersandbears.org

Description: Big Cat Rescue
A true rescue does not breed, buy, sell or trade animals.

Lions Tigers and Bears is a non-profit animal rescue/education center East of San Diego in California

74. Contact name: Michael BrownResource/Organization Title: Second Acts/CE

Email: secondactsfoundation@yahoo.com

Website URL: www.secondacts.org

Description: Second Acts is a non-profit fundraising organization that distributes 100% of all donations received to small, volunteer-run animal rescue groups nationwide.

75. Contact name: Johanna MiklosResource/Organization Title: Walk Me Wear LLC

Email: johanna@walkmewear.com

Website URL: http://www.walkmewear.com

Description: Safety cap for active dog owners with reflective trim.

76. Contact name: Thom WilliamsResource/Organization Title: Animal Healings

Email: thom@animalhealings.com

Website URL: AnimalHealings.com

Description: Thom and Jonquil Williams offer animal communication & animal Reiki healing. Learn your pets needs, heal & resolve problems naturally. We help with behavior modification and training assistance, learning about their healthcare needs, nutritional support and dietary wishes, daily enrichment activities, improving their general quality of life, and we even help find lost pets. End of life issues and grief resolution. Email & interactive phone sessions available anywhere in world.

77. Contact name: Julie Johnson

Resource/Organization Title: Advocates for Dog and Puppy Wellness

Email: gailwardlow0433@yahoo.com

Description: Our mission is to raise awareness and encourage participation in our local animal shelters.
78. Contact name: Will ThomasResource/Organization Title: Will Thomas, Dog Whisperer, Behaviorist, Trainer

Website URL: www.willthomasdogwhisperer.com

Email: will@willthomasdogwhisperer.com

Description: Dogs are my passion. I can handle any dog, even aggressive dogs, usually in just a few minutes! I will teach you how to train and balance your dog. I will give you the intellectual tools to train your dog without the need for dozens of paid lessons and classes. You will not need shock collars, or clickers, millions of treats, choke collars or head halters to train your dog. No harsh treatment. I work with dogs at their instinctual level. This method can be very fast and it builds trust and respect without harsh treatment. I will work with you and your dog so that you can do it too. I will focus on what you want handled. I will help you to get your dog balanced and restore harmony to your home. Most situations are handled in only 1 session.

You will learn more about living with and raising dogs in 1 session than most “trainers” know!

941-377-0243  I do dogs 24/7

79. Contact name: Chuck HuffmanResource/Organization Title: L. Huffman Studios

Email: chuck@huffmanstudios.com

Website URL: http://www.memorypendants.com

Description: Creators of Memory Pendants, which are unique quality handmade glass and silver cremation jewelry, lock of hair keepsakes, worry stones and hanging memorials to keep the memories alive forever of a departerd loved one, special friend or cherished pet.

80. Contact name: Jen EvonyResource/Organization Title: Jenicide’s creative customs events and designs

Email: jenicideevony@rocketmail.com

Website URL: http://www.linkedin.com/e/-nmihji-ghg1w5r7-13/vgh/3710555/eml-grp-sub/

Description: I organize, plan, set up charitable and non charitable events, I handle advertising, web design, contacts, auctions, etc. I give to our animals who need our help more than ever, Im in it to make a big diffrence, Im looking for moral support, ideas, legal advice. Lets get excided and have a good time too, if anyone can help with my insane project!

81. Contact name: Will ThomasResource/Organization Title: Dog Whisperer, Behaviorist, Trainer

Website URL: www.willthomasdogwhisperer.com

Description: I can help you with your dog. Any dog, any problem, No problem.

82. Contact name: David EggersResource/Organization Title: Eggers Dog Training

Email: eggersdogdoo@msn.com

Website URL: http://www.therocknrolldogtrainer.com

Description: In-Home Training Private Training is done in and around your lifestyle. During the learning phase, food rewards are used to teach the proper response to commands. Compliance is taught through the principles of canine communication; eye contact, tone of voice, posture and movement.

83. Contact name: Carol UptonResource/Organization Title: Dreams Aloud Promotions

Website URL: http://www.dreamsaloud.ca

Description: Promo for animal-related authors and healing artists. I also offer reduced rates for work with shelters and rescues and will do my best to get your message out there. Contact via website and I will respond asap.

84. Resource/Organization Title: Spoiled Rotten Pet Services and Training

Email: contact@Train-Pawsitive.com

Description: Focusing On Personal Pet Service And Training. Good manners is for life.

85. Contact name: Donna WalkerResource/Organization Title: CARE Feline TNR, Inc

Email: info@carefelinetnr.org

Website URL: http://www.carefelinetnr.org

Description: CARE Feline TNR, Inc. 407-522-2617 is an all volunteer, nonprofit group committed to reducing the population of feral & abandoned cats in Orange County, FL. We also provide resources to colony caregivers in maintaining healthy feral communities.

86. Contact name: Kyria HenryResource/Organization Title: paws4people foundation

Email: helpkyria@gmail.com

Website URL: helpkyria.com

Description: We enhance the lives of special and regular education students, seniors, and the seriously ill or disabled, by utilizing the “Special Powers” of canine companionship displayed by highly trained Assistance Dogs.

87. Contact name: Tiffani Co Resource/Organization Title: Wags of Wisdom

Website URL: wagsofwisdom.org

Description: A non-profit organization providing pet food to the homeless and less fortunate in local communities in Sacramento and Placer county.
88. Contact name: Marita WassmanResource/Organization Title: Ride On st. Louis, Inc

Website URL: www.rideonstl.org

Description: Equine Assisted Activities and Therapies that change lives of people with disablities physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
89. Contact Name: Marjorie FarabeeResource/ Organization Title: Todd Mission Ranch

Email: marjorief00@earthlink.net

Website: www.toddmissionranch.com

Description: I am the equine manager at Todd Mission Ranch. We are a 501 c 3 rescue/sanctuary, but we are also actively involved in stopping the shooting of the burros at Big Bend Ranch State Park in Texas. I have 108 equine under my care, most are donkeys, but we have mules and horses too. We have taken several of our rescues from rehab to show, and have won at highly respected shows with them.

90. Contact name: DebiResource/Organization Title: The Horses Helping Heroes Project

Email: horseshelpingheroes@gmail.com

Website URL: www.horseshelpingheroesproject.com

Description: We are a non-profit organization providing free equine-assisted activities and therapies to military and first responder veterans with special needs and disabilities.

91. Contact name: Claudia VecchioResource/Organization Title: ORA-Organization for the Rescue of Animals

Description: ORA — Organization for the Rescue of Animals (http://orarescue.org/) is a registered charitable organization promoting the humane treatment of all animals and the preservation of Wildlife. ORA is operating in and around the Greater Toronto Area, working for the well-being and protection of all our fellow animals. ORA’s animal rescues thrive within a network of foster homes until they are adopted out into forever loving homes. 100% volunteer run, with zero government funding and no shelter to speak of, ORA relies solely upon the supportive generosity of members and donors to fund our programs and rescue operations.
92. Contact name: Allen Kimble, Jr.

Resource/Organization Title: Vinny the Pug Fundraiser Club

Email: teamvinnyusa@yahoo.com

Website URL: http://lucyinnovation.wordpress.com/tag/vinny-the-pug-2/

Description: Vinny the Pug Fundraiser Club furnish members a wide range of popular consumer goods bearing the name, images and likenesses of world famous Vinny the Pug. Club member get to keep 20-40% of sales from the goods from their fundraisers.

93.  Contact Name: Cindy Romero

Resource/Organization Title: PetPremium Pet Health Insurance

Website URL: https://www.petpremium.com/

Description: PetPremium is one of America’s premier pet insurance providers who prides itself on providing online focused, easy to use insurance plans for dog and cat owners whose pets are simply part of the family. We take pride in offering our clients and their furry little friends fast claim turnaround, a variety of options for every budget, and the most tailored customer-first attitude in the industry. The PetPremium culture is based on: Happy, Healthy and Protected. PetPremium is headquartered in New York, NY.