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LarryWhen most people think of Larry Robinson they think of the NHL Stanley Cup player, coach and inductee into the NHL Hall of Fame.   Most people are not aware of his passion and background with animals.

Larry was born and raised in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada on a dairy farm.  It was a working farm where they had cows, chickens, horses and dogs.  He would collect the eggs, milk the cows, etc.  The products were then sold to consumers.  He lived there until he was 17.  Then he left to play Junior Hockey in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada.    The rest is history.  His older brother took over the farm but eventually it was sold.

Larry 1

Larry has always had a special bond, and connection, when it comes to animals.

He has had dogs throughout his life.  There was one Great Dane he adopted who was a Canadian Champion.  The couple that owned him was getting divorced and would not keep him.  Great Danes don’t live that long (average age is 8 ) but Larry still felt the dog needed a good home, so he took him.  A very strong bond was formed between the two of them.  The dog lived to the rip old age of 10.

One day a woman found a dog on the side of the road.  She brought the dog to Larry, knowing how he cared about animals.  Larry kept the dog and named him Cracker.  The dog was a mix breed, part Chow.  He lived to be 20+ years old.

Larry was also very involved with the Guide Dog organization in Ontario, where he volunteered and helped them raise money.

For the past 25+ years Larry has also been raising polo ponies and playing polo.  If he doesn’t have a hockey stick in his grip he substitutes a polo mallet.  Larry has owned up to 14 ponies at one time.  On his farm right now he has 7 ponies of his own.  13 other horses are housed there but belong to other people.

Larry 2

It seems that Larry’s always had a special touch, and talent, when it came to hockey.  He certainly has a gift when it comes to helping and caring for animals.

Larry supports our show, Animal Connection, as well as our mission of helping animals around the world.

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17 Responses to “Larry Robinson, NHL Hall of Fame”

  • Tom says:

    Great story. Hope you have a great New Year.

  • Jason says:

    This is great news. Way to go Larry.

  • Alice says:

    Larry has a great heart.

  • Chris says:

    Great story!!!

  • Jack says:

    What you are doing for animals is great. I am glad to see a show where athletes are helping to educate people about these issues.

  • Janice says:

    Very interesting show and story.

  • Tim says:

    This is a great article. I never know these things about Larry. I like the premise of this show.

  • Paige says:

    Larry and I appreciate your comments, emails and support. We couldn’t do this without you!

  • Kim says:

    Go Larry! Keep helping the animals. I love this show and what it will do for animals. kim

  • Doug says:

    I never knew the things about Larry. It is nice to know athletes as successful as Larry are giving back like this. I am not involved in animal rights either but would like to find ways, like Larry. I glad I had friend to send me the link. I want to help.

  • Steve says:

    I am a huge fan of Larry. I agree with Colin, this show is needed to bring more attention to the issues involving animals around the world.

  • Colin says:

    The content and mission of this show is very much needed around the world. The team that is being put together is very impressive. Larry will bring a lot of assets to this organization. Colin, England

  • Mark says:

    We Canadians are very proud of Larry. You are very lucky and will do well having Larry on your team. He’s a winner and you will be too!

  • Gina says:

    Great job Paige. Congratulations to both of you!

  • Diana says:

    I love animals too but I am not too much involved with animal rights though. I got lots of doves and cats and dogs at home. I love Polo too. My home state Manipur is where polo originated and I used to be the joint secy. of Manipur Horse Riding and Polo Association for some years. Am still a life member of the Association though. We got original polo pony breeding farm too. I would love to connect with people who are connected with polo. I wish we can get in touch with each other often. Diana, India

  • Good Morning Paige and Larry!
    What a truly lovely story about Larry’s life and special connections with special animals!! Larry Robinson’s life story captures the spirit of Christmas in his heart and in his life! Larry is a powerful and caring force which will no doubt take “Animal Connections Show” to the level of success they deserve to be! As a special needs mom and animal lover whom has had some miraculous experiences with animal miracles, thank you Larry for all of the work you have done with the Guide Dogs! Your life is testimony of truly making a difference in our precious world!
    Congratulations to you both for making that special connection!
    Only the best to both of you and our Community at the Animal Connections Show!Have a wonderful day and I hope everyone had a beautiful Christmas!
    Your friend, Dawna Robertson
    Wildlife and Dog Soapstone Sculptor and Artist
    Kleinburg, Ontario, Canada

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