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ScumNew Orleans, LA – Earlier this week, New Orleans police arrested Richard and Marian Kreutzer on charges of severe animal cruelty and neglect after more than 130 corpses of dogs and other animals were discovered buried in their backyard. The discovery was made after the house had been sold and the new owners were digging flower beds.

“We found the first few bodies and thought nothing of it.” The current homeowners commented. “We thought that maybe they had just not marked where their pets were buried. But when we kept finding bodies all over the yard, some one on top of the other, we knew something was wrong.”

All in all, it took 10 people over 6 hours to exhume all of the remains and police speculate that there could be more buried deeper. “There really is no way of knowing exactly how long this went on.” An officer stated. “They could have been at this for years.”

Early examination of some of the fresher remains shows that they endured severe torture both pre and post mortum. Burns, lacerations and dismemberment to name a few.

The animal rights community in Louisiana is currently in outrage over these events and is calling for the couple to be jailed for life. “Never should people like these be allowed to walk free.” Said one protester outside the prison where the couple is currently being held.

The police have yet declined to comment on exactly how the Kreutzer’s came to have so many animals but have noted that more than 30 were shelter rescues and most of their remains still contained microchip implants.

“It make me sick to my stomach.” Noted an employee of a local animal shelter. “They killed so many of these animals that wanted nothing more than a loving forever-home.”

The couple has been set to be arraigned next week.

You may sign a current petition to see to it that these monsters get the maximum sentence allowable by clicking here.

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13 Responses to “Justice For Murdered Shelter Animals”

  • Barbara Patterson says:

    Don’t the shelters take a copy of your drivers license or Social Security Number and enter it into a database to track who has adopted each pet and to track the pet because of the microchip?

    This should have been caught earlier. What does the National Microchip Database consist of? How does it work?

  • Morgan says:

    Where’s the responsibility of the shelter(s)? How can they allow one family to adopt 30+ animals? Right there says – huge red flag – to me.

  • Brian says:

    What jerks!! I hope they suffer a long time before they die!!!

  • Larry says:

    Hell is too good for these scumbags.

  • Sheila says:

    Thanks for sharing so that we can make a difference. You are a Godsend to animals!

  • geoffrey Hart says:

    punish them by letting them swim with the alligators on a moonlit evening, that would be nice for openers. if they make it accross the pond then send them on to jail.

  • Tony says:

    Hope they turn up the fires of hell when these two bastards get there.

  • Glenn says:

    I signed and hope a lot more people sign!

  • Rochelle says:

    I signed the petition. I sure hope the animals get justice and these people are punished to the maximum allowed by law. If they could endure what they had the animals endure that would be great, I know that won’t happen.

  • Marcus says:

    They should be tortured THEN rot in hell!! I signed this and will pass it on. Thanks for sharing.

  • Undisclosed says:

    “They may rot in hell. That’s as politically correct as i will be.”

  • Parker says:

    “Thanks for circulating Donna!”

  • Cynthia says:

    “someone needs to torture tham and see how they like it…people like this make me so mad that…… i said give me five minutes with them and let me torture them and see how they like it……..”

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