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Can anyone explain why the USDA will NOT step in and help the dogs and puppies in the mills? There has been so much evidence of mills abusing and neglecting these animals.  Many of these animals are dying horrible deaths.  Most people have heard about these atrocities.  The flip side, they go into a pet store to buy something for their animal. When they are there they see the poor puppy eyes looking at them.  At that very moment they feel they need to buy this puppy and give it a good home.  They forget where the puppy came from.   It is a vicious cycle.  I like what they have done in West Hollywood California.  The stores only sell puppies that come from shelters or rescues.  Click here to learn how you can do the same thing in your community.

This past week there was a report about the USDA failing to cut down on puppy mills.   They detail the horrific conditions and lax enforcement.  If you would like to read this article, click here.

There was also a show on Animal Planet that exposed Petland puppies. Since the airing of that show they have had so many people coming forward telling them stories about the health issues, and medical challenges, their puppies have had. In addition, the cost to care for these animals.

So many stories were sent in describing what it has been like for the owners of these puppies since they purchased their new family member.  The stories include Bailey, a Cairn terrier (pictured here), who became deathly ill and had to be hospitalized after she was purchased in Texas, and Little Red, who reportedly had the worst hip dysplasia her veterinarian had ever seen.

On the positive side, hopefully this show will get people to do more research on the stores and breeders of  puppies.  Even people in your community might have a small mill going and you don’t even know it.

If you would like to read more about this, or know of a puppy that you want to report because they have medical issues, click here.

Over the past few weeks I have had so many conversations regarding our world and where we are headed.  I have always said, “Humans are blessed with an exceptional brain.  We have made wonderful advances in technology, medicine, etc.  At the same time, we also seem to use it to destroy the world and harm innocent animals.  Right now we are harming and destroying at the same time (oil drilling, polluting the waters and killing all kinds of fish and wildlife).

I came up with the name of my show, “Animal Connection” because I know animals and humans are connected.  I never realized the timing of my show would be so perfect with the events going on in our society, in such an extreme way.  One major issue, once we destroy this earth that’s it.  No matter how much money anyone has, we can’t replace it!

The animals were here long before we were.  We should respect them and not use them for profit.  Someone said to me, “We should go back to the times of Little House on the Prairie”.  I’m starting to believe that’s not such a bad idea, although it was a very hard life!

I don’t know what the answer is.  We don’t seem to be able to get along and respect other humans (look at the wars).  How do we expect people to respect animals?

Stephen Dickstein

Stephen Dickstein

This is an article that Stephen Dickstein did on me and my show for the Examiner. Thanks Steve!

Combine a passion for animals with a keen business sense and you have the beginnings of a show called “Animal Connection”. While still actively engaged in the business world, Donna Paige has decided to also pursue a life around animals and has spent the last two and a half to three years putting the pieces together for Animal Connection.

Donna brings experience from social work, hospital marketing, financial planning, real estate and business development to this new venture that she wants to be both productive and make an impact for animal awareness. The “show” will be designed to bring information on animals to the public in a “non-judgmental” way. Says Donna, “I want to empower people to help in a way that feels right to them and fits into their lives.”

Donna’s original intention was to develop the show as a thirty minute television production, but found that to be cost prohibitive. Instead, a friend suggested utilizing the internet where it could be distributed around the world. The first series will consist of six four to five minute shows on different topics about animals; that may include issues on abuse, exotic animals as pets, pollution, climate change, loss of animal habitat, volunteering or others.

Donna Paige and her Ferrets

Donna Paige and her Ferrets

The show is scheduled to go online as soon as the final two sponsors are found to finish this series. The cost for a sponsorship package is six thousand dollars (one thousand dollars per show) and each sponsor has their logo and link placed on each show. They will also be able to have one show dedicated to a topic that is important to them. For example, a dog food company might be interested in doing a show on the proper diet for dogs.

At the end of each show Donna plans to recognize the sponsor by name and tie in their business need if they have a product that meets the requirements discussed about the show’s specific topic. Among the ideas Donna suggests for prospective sponsors of her show to bring more viewers to their site is to give away a gift certificate for products. Viewers would be instructed to register on the sponsor’s website.

According to Donna, if an ad is seen on the internet there is a three thousand percent increase in sales than ads on television and in print. That is a powerful incentive for potential sponsors and she wants to acquire those that will establish a long term relationship with the show. More importantly, they need to be doing good things for animals regardless of the product they sell and not be in the business just to make money.

The show will be a “fun and entertaining journey” that brings awareness to the inextricable link of all living things that inhabit the earth together. These “connections” would appear to embody an understanding of the “Circle of Life” so vividly spoken in Disney’s “The Lion King”.

For Donna, her “. . . show will reveal these shifting links between humans and animals; we will see through the eyes of the species whose lives are interwoven, either by design or circumstance.” It’s all about the never ending connection of life.

Donna defines animal rights as “doing the right thing for animals. My thought pattern is humans are animals. Treat animals with dignity. Animals and children have no voice and rely on adult humans to protect them.”

She has found her life to be energized by the people who care so much about animals. Their actions have helped to keep her quest for this show alive. “It’s just amazing what animal people will do, keeps me going. I am learning a lot of things through this experience,” says Donna.

The Animal Connection website or blog also hosts discussions on various animal topics. A recent discussion, for instance, titled “Animals and Science, Do They Mix?” emanates from a veterinarian in India who wanted to get feedback from around the world on the very controversial topic of using animals for the benefit of science. Donna says she now has over five thousand “animal people” in her database worldwide.

To become a sponsor of the show or to find more information, check the Animal Connection website ( or contact Donna Paige at

Animal Connection Pic

Please join our new group on Linkedin.  Click here go to that group.

People are discussing animal issues around the world as well as thoughts on distribution from people in entertainment, social media, film, etc.

Here are a few of the current topics that were started by members:

1. I am living in Asia (Vietnam). In this part of the world, people use to eat domestic animals like dogs… How can we react to that? Do we have to react to this habit?… Don’t we also eat domestic animals, like horses? Can’t we compare the relationship of horse to man with the dog’s one?…

The cultural (mis-)understanding is a problem we can find in all aspects of the life!…

Could you be interested in such an approach?… We could produce a series about such problems everywhere in the world!…. What do you think about that?

2. Marketing Animal Issues around the world can be a challenge. Below is a link that helps with some thoughts. If you have other thoughts or feedback please share them.

3. Where I have lived most of my life, roaming dogs have always been a rare experience. In my travels though I have found some areas have a greater amount of wandering pets than others. Most obvious was on a recent trip in the South West where I was overwhelmed by a great number of loose dogs. …obviously many were accustomed to the begging lifestyle.

I assume economics play heavily into this situation, but I wonder how much of it could be due to their cultural animal human relationship.

4.  Established in 1977, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society (SSCS) is an international non-profit, marine wildlife conservation organization. Our mission is to end the destruction of habitat and slaughter of wildlife in the world’s oceans in order to conserve and protect ecosystems and species.

Sea Shepherd uses innovative direct-action tactics to investigate, document, and take action when necessary to expose and confront illegal activities on the high seas. By safeguarding the biodiversity of our delicately-balanced ocean ecosystems, Sea Shepherd works to ensure their survival for future generations.

Please join Linked Sea Shepherd NL at:

4. I’m in Tidewater VA off the Chesapeake Bay.  The animal-culture here in the SE-USA is not comfortable or familiar to me; dogs often live in yards, even in gorgeous wealthy enclaves with waterfront views + deepwater slips for the family boat, the dog may live outside… which is bizarre to me.

The neighborhoods with roaming dogs here are poor; they are also the neighborhoods that tend *not* to S/N. :—( which of course means the roaming pets are more-often intact, and litters result.

One non-profit is providing FREE s/n for residents of one large neighborhood, every Friday; U sign-up for a block-appt, drop off the dog or cat at 8-AM, pick em up after 1 to 2-PM, all done.

One woman here must have 20 cats, and most are tuxedos; I swear U could make a bed-throw for a twin-bed from her intact-adults, all in black + white. if they ALL breed, by this Sept U could make a bed-throw for a double-bed of black-and-white pelts.
Heartbreaking, crazy, they are slinking under cars, jumping into dumpsters, its incredible.

I am dropping $100 on a commercial-grade 3-ft long double-ended live-trap; I am going to catch + desex every cat I can get into the trap, get their ears notched, and bring them back.

I cannot BEAR to see this new-crop of kittens get winnowed by illness, HBC, fights + abcesses, dogs attacking them, poison… its too much. so I am going to take EVERY roaming intact cat + get them done…  their nominal *owners* of the few that supposedly have homes have not even gotten them rabies-vaxed, and rabies is ** very! ** very hot, here. :nonod:

With a chip + notched ear, their rabies-status will be able to be publicly tracked. the initial shot is annual; after that, they only have to come in every 3-years. most will not make it more than those 2 shots, to tell the truth.

If any that come in are friendly, i will do my best to get them *indoor* homes.
the kittens are sometimes salvageable, if U get them early-enuf.

Girding my loins, ;–) wish me luck… and no bites or scratches, I hope!

ht_living_with_lions_090807_xwideA Very Interesting Show on ABC Tonight