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Michael-Vick-Paige-150x150“Sometimes you never really know someone like you think you do.  Can you believe Mike Vick could do such horrific things to so many innocent dogs?  There is no reason to ever treat another animal, or human, like that.  I hope the world will learn from Mike’s actions and I hope Mike really does feel compassion for other living things /beings.  My mission is to show the connection between animals and humans then have people take positive action in their own way.”

What’s your opinion?

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4 Responses to “Mike Vick, what’s your opinion?”

  • Larry says:

    I haven’t seen any real contrition from Mike Vick. He still refers to his “mistakes” and doesn’t seem to have any real sense of the cruelty he’s inflicted. Ingrid Newkirk referred to him as a “sociopath” AFTER she tried working with him.
    The sad thing is that too many really don’t take this to heart. “He’s done his time, let’s move on,” is what much of the public seems to think. To add to his image makeover, he’s now got a deal with BET for an 8-part reality show that will apparently show his fall and his rise to redemption.
    Mike Vick is not the only problem.

  • Karin says:

    I say shame on the Humane Society of the United States for associating the name with this criminal.

  • Chuck says:

    This guy makes me sick and I can’t believe how companies and organizations are backing him. Why reward him for what he has done? I would never get what he is getting if I had done the same thing. He knew what he was doing, don’t let him fool you!!

  • Emma says:

    It really bothers me that a man could do the things this man did, to animals. What bothers me most is that he is playing football again. If he were not a professional athlete but a “regular” guy, would he be treated the same way? I don’t feel he is sorry for what he did. He is only doing what he has to do to get the life he had, back. Thanks for posting this topic on your site. I would like to hear what other people think about this.

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