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buddy 1On December 30, 2009, between 2 and 2:30 a.m., a German Shepherd named Buddy was dragged to death at the Colorado National Monument. Steven Clay Romero, 37, of Grand Junction. was arrested for the death of this dog. He is charged with a felony count of intentional animal cruelty. Romero and his sister are alleged to have stolen the dog — Buddy, a German shepherd-blue heeler mix — from Joe and Sacha Leber in Delta. He allegedly took the dog to the Colorado National Monument early Wednesday, tied the dog to his truck and dragged the dog. Paw prints in the snow were found to show Buddy at first walking, then running, then dragging, for 3 miles.

“Demand Justice for Buddy” is a group formed to support the prosecution of Romero, his sister, and anyone else involved with this senseless kidnapping and brutal murder. There is a petition being delivered to the prosecuting attorney in Grand Junction, CO, Jan.27 at 3 p.m. and again before each trial date for Romero. We want to get the maximum penalty the law allows. We support the US attorneys office to ask for the longest prison sentence possible.

“Do It For Buddy” will truly honor Buddy. He was a shelter dog who was rescued by the Lebers and lived 4.5 happy years in their home with Joe and Sacha and their three heartbroken children. In Buddy’s name, we ask that each of you please donate food, blankets, toys, pillows, cash and/or volunteer your time to your local animal shelters. Please tell them “Buddy sent You.”

Feel free to post on Facebook and tell us what you brought to which shelter. If it’s cash, send us a photo of the receipt and we will display it proudly.

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23 Responses to “Honor Buddy, Dog Dragged to Death”

  • donna rowe says:

    i signed this petition immediately, with tears filling my eyes, unable to give a damn to what happens to the person that did this to buddy. i sent this petition out to hundreds of people. i hope this helps. i am not a proponent of the death penalty, but this story has made me re-think this. i am not a proponent of prisons, again re-thinking that (though there have always been a few exceptions in my mind and this type of atrocity being one where maybe life without parole options might be crueler than death). I like the comment two up from mine. an “eye for an eye approach”, YES michael! the one right above mine bothered me because it made reference to hispanics. i am anglo, yet still take great offense that “hispanics need to be shown that in this country (as if all hispanics don’t belong in THIS country? what’s up with that?)that animal cruelty/abuse is not tolerated”. that statement in and of itself is cruelty. we do not need your (jill’s) “filthy evilness” either and the and certainly the person that harmed this beautiful animal “need to be to be punished”, him for what he did to buddy and you, also, a potentially dangerous and apparently a racist person. i do agree we need stiffer penalties for people that commit horrendous crimes like this. i do agree that our society is not doing enough for our animals and we do need to fight back, but what’s up with the racial reference being equated with hispanics? it is not exclusively a crime committed by hispanics. this crime crosses all racial and socio-economic barriers. Who is more evil. you or him jill? i hope that the man that hurt/killed/tortured sweet buddy get’s the maximum sentence (which i’m sure all of us will agree is not going to be enough).

  • jill says:

    Hispanics need to be shown that in this country, animal cruelty/abuse is not tolerated. We do not want their filthy evilness and they need to be punished for it. They are turning the clock back on animal welfare in this country faster than any other group that has come here to date. We need to fight back now!

  • Michael says:

    I hate such things like this, animal cruelty is as worse if not more so than to humans. He should be dragged to his to death by a pack of huskies.

  • Diana says:

    Hope justice is done.

  • Terri Deal says:

    People who abuse animals are know to abuse people. These individuals, and all others should get the maximum allowed by law. Also, the laws need to be changed!

  • Chris says:

    Done, this was such a horrific crime! I hope he gets the maximum!

  • Annette says:

    How can some people be so heartless as to do a thing like this?
    Why take a pet from a loving home for what… torture and kill the poor animal?
    They had no desire to steal it and then keep it to give it a good home. They shouldn’t have stolen it in the first place.
    There are some very mean people in this world!

  • Tony says:

    I did sign this, but asked that my name not be used. Don’t have time to run back and forth with responses . But this type of things really upsets me, especially since I’m a dog lover and owner. Wish they’d drag the bastards that did this to Buddy down the street as he did the dog. That is how he would be handled in some foreign country that basically goes with the idea an eye for an eye, which I’m all in favor of.

  • Bob says:

    Signature #62908

  • Paige says:

    Thanks to all of you, my fans!!!! It’s because of you, and your support, that animals have a chance for a better life all over the world.

  • Jose says:

    Thank you for all the thing you do to animals. You reach all over the world and we have same issues. Jose Colombia

  • Drake says:

    Great job, thanks for doing this for all animals

  • Adrien says:

    Done and shared with all my facebook friends. Thank you for the work you do Paige

  • Mandara says:

    This is horrific! Thanks for sending.You are involved in such wonderful service to our four-legged friends!
    Keep up the good work!

    Happy New Year, Mandara

  • Linda says:

    Seek justice for Buddy!

  • Fred Berger says:

    Punish the SOB to the max.

  • Doug says:

    These people should be treated the way they treated this dog. I suggest that be their punishment!!

  • Sarah says:

    I signed and hope it helps.

  • Johnny says:

    I am on facebook but never saw this. Thanks for posting.

  • Randy says:

    I started the page – I appreciate you sending it out.

  • Janice says:

    Thanks for posting this. I hope you get a lot more signatures.

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