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After being housed with their handlers for years the corrections dept. decided to place them in facility kennels March of 2009.

The dogs became kennel crazy and then physically ill, at this time the dogs were allowed due to vet recommendations to go back into their handlers’ care where they healed and were once again productive and healthy dogs making numerous narcotic busts.

In December 2009 the Dept again decides to remand the dogs back to facility kennels, against vet recommendations, stating the Dept could not afford to let the handlers use the state vehicles because of the budget, the handlers requested that they be allowed to use their own vehicles to transport dogs so the dogs wouldn’t have to stay in the kennels because they get sick.

The Dept refused this request and the Dept. Attorney Janelle Haught even stated that they should just kill the dogs so they could use the officers elsewhere Now the dogs are showing the signs of the same illnesses they had in the kennels before; time is not on our side please help these dogs who served the public and have earned their keep and better treatment.

Please email or call the Secretary of Corrections Joe Williams at:  or call  (505) 827-8709 and or the Governor’s office (505) 476-2200, every voice counts!!!

To see the conditions at the Kennels Click HereWARNING! These pictures may be disturbing and are not recommended for the squeamish.

*** I have received a number of emails, and comments, from viewers.  I’ve been told that the dogs are all fine and back with their handlers.  Thanks for all of your support!

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11 Responses to “Please help the K9 dogs of Southern New Mexico Correctional Facility!!!!”

  • Concerned & Upset says:

    It’s wonderful that the K-9’s are happy and healthy at home with their handler’s it’s just too bad that admin didn’t work out the problem so that the K-9’s could continue to work since they were top K-9’s in the state in corrections. Now the handlers are dealing with retaliation at the hands of admin., and the K-9 program is not nonexistent since it’s been shut down, and now the prisoners are free to bring in as much drugs as they like with open flood gates. As far as admin., not having money to continue this well worth program, let’s not pay any attention to the millions of dollars their spending to keep the prisoners in the lap of luxury, but wait the prison is not for the prisoners benefit right????? Admin., cares about the well being of the officers and staff????? Hmmm seems as though admin., is a little confused…or perhaps forgot where they came from….maybe they need to be reminded and put back on the line in a regular post for awhile to jog their memory…..and why reinstate the K-9 program that was working so well….just because admin., got upset at the handlers for standing up for their partners…now that the handlers have been stripped from their jobs put back on the line and there is no one to conduct searches on work details or drugs that may be coming into the facility through visitations…but let’s get outside agencies to utilize their K-9’s because admin., shut down their own program what was working doing their job.

  • Concerned & Upset says:

    I understand K-9’s Ace and Echo have been retired and sold to their handlers, I am happy that the welfare of the K-9’s was heard and they are happy and healthy, it’s just a shame that administration couldn’t work with the handlers so that the welfare of the K-9’s was met as well as continue to let the program run considering that these particular K-9’s were top in the state, Now that the whole K-9 program has been shut down, and handler’s are suffering the retaliation at the hand of admin., for standing up for their partners, now the flood gates are open at the prison putting everyone at a higher risk than we already know they have to deal with on a daily basis. Where’s the justice. Let’s let a program that works and produces the confiscation of drugs to help keep a safer environment for correction officers and just shut down the program; and let the offenders have their way, it doesn’t take long for word to get around that there is no longer a K-9 unit present the grounds and make an already stressful place to work more stressful. Having to call in K-9 units in from other agencies when you had your own is plain crazy, and using excuses that there is no money when admin., is still spending right and left just proves that admin doesn’t stand up for their officers but only for themselves. Let admin., work the real job posts they forget too soon where they came from…… and what’s best for their (correction officers) people…..

  • Susan Leighton says:

    I have sent an email. Let’s hope a concerted effort helps!

  • Nick says:

    Paige: I called both the Gov. and Williams office and as of Monday the K9 were given to their handlers.

  • Patricia Stanley - Martinez says:

    Law enforcement K-9 are trained to serve , protect and bond with their human law enforcement partner even to the extent of giving up their own lives to protect their partner.

    To subject these dogs to inhumane conditions and separation from their partners is unconscionable. To further suggest that killing them is the answer is deplorable. What can these people be thinking?

    These are very valuable dogs that serve the public interest and should be given new homes with other law enforcement departments that will appreciate them and treat them with the compassion, care and respect that they deserve.

    These dogs are heroes and should be treated as such.

    I have sent an email to Joe Williams protesting their treatment.

  • Hi, I just phoned the governer’s office and was told that as of Jan 1 the governer ruled to allow the handlers to adopt the dogs…. Can we make sure somehow that that is true?

    • Paige says:

      I’m checking it out. I never called them, just sent an email. Thanks for the update. I’ll post once I hear back.

  • Sonia says:

    I sent this to Joe. Hope this helps, I’m Portuguese… :)Sonia

    When are some more humane actions taking place in order to stop these shameless acts in our world?

  • Jill says:

    I sent an email to Joe saying he should save these dogs. Thanks for sending this to me.

  • Stacy Smith says:

    They’re so dumb I can’t believe it. Perhaps they should consider donating the dogs to law enforcement agencies elsewhere in the country so they don’t have to spend any more money on dogs they claim they can no longer afford. They are expensive to train and purchase and would likely be appreciated elsewhere. I know cities in our Metro are constantly trying to raise money to add more dogs to various departments. It is possible they could even recoup some of their money from another state be selling them at a discount. Hmmmm… nothing like thinking out of the box.

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