Helping Animals All Over The World

My Story

I have always had a passion for animals. I decided to start a show called,“Animal Connection”. It is a fun and entertaining show that brings attention, awareness and money to animal organizations and charities while also educating the public about animal issues. Celebrities and pro-athletes do their part as well. The name of the show came about because I realized that what happens to, or affects, animals also has the same impact on humans. People tend to take action to help animals before they will step up to help humans. Some of the issues we will discuss are abuse, exotic animals as pets, pollution, climate changes, invasion of land, nutrition,volunteering, etc. If this show can get people to make one small change in their own lives (recycle, healthy food choices, supplements, acts of kindness, volunteering, sharing space, adoption, spay/neuter, etc.) that will have a huge impact on the world as a whole. If anyone has a passion about animals and would like to get involved, or has comments, please let me know.

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